Volunteering for Friends of the ARK

To Volunteer with Friends of the ARK, contact Lee Harrison, 361-332-6361. We do fundraising for the Amos Rehabilitation Keep (ARK) and provide educational presentations. There is no membership fee or insurance required to fundraise or do public speaking. We just have fun while we support the ARK. We have something going on all the time. You sign up for events when you wish and we meet as needed. We are always wanting new members and new friends! 

You can help as often as you wish, and there is no mandatory amount of hours to devote. You need to have at least one of the following qualities: energy, creativity, muscle, logic, common sense or a sense of humor. Two or more of these qualities makes you a life time member. 

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Volunteering for the ARK

To volunteer at the ARK or to be an ARK Turtle Patroller from April 1-July 15, you must have health insurance and complete the following packet for the University of Texas Marine Science Institute:

Volunteer Packet

The ARK always needs energetic volunteers to help with the care and feeding of the critters. You need to love critters, be willing to do the less glamorous jobs such as cleaning pens and doing laundry, but you work your way up to feeding the ARK guests. 

To volunteer, just call (361) 332-6361. There is no minimum number of hours, but you must be at least 18 years old and you must have health insurance.

More About Mustang Island Turtle Patrol

The Turtle Patrol covers Mustang Island or the Padre Island National Seashore from April 1 to mid July each year. To be on the Turtle Patrol, you must attend training in March.

The Turtle Patrol volunteers sign up for a day of patrol, riding on a utility vehicle (like a large golf cart) up and down Mustang Island looking for nesting Kemps Ridley turtles. You leave at 7 am and the trip runs about 2-3 hours. We are pretty flexible, so if you have a conflict on your day, someone on the team will swap days with you. 

For more details or to sign up, contact Lee Harrison at 361-332-6361 or e-mail friends@friendsoftheark.org.


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