Our Wish List

* Animal Carriers - Medium to large (even giant), especially the Furrari with its easy door removal and removable top.

* Brushes, Brooms and scrubbies

* Stainless steel table

* Stainless steel buckets and trays

* X-Ray machine

* Anesthesia machine

* Vet floor scale

* Animal medicines, gloves

* Animal-handling gloves

* Aprons, boots

* Metal building

* Large sea water storage tank

* Concrete slab for Barnacle Bill tank

* Decking for BB tank

* Labor to pour slab and fabricate deck

* Pumps for protein skimmer (two at around $375. each)

* UV bulbs for UV filter system (must be replaced yearly - need six @ $90 each)

* Hurricane fencing

* Recoating of concrete tanks (sand blasting, aquarium quality coating material, labor and tools to do the job

* New raceway for hatchling sea turtle rehab

* Single-wide or industrial type trailer to use as bird IC building 


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Friends of the ARK
P.O. Box 755
Port Aransas, Texas 78373