Friends of the ARK

Friends of the ARK is a non-profit organization dedicated
to supporting the Amos Rehabilitation Keep (ARK)
in Port Aransas, Texas by providing education,
volunteers and funding.
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A passion for environmental education and the rehabilitation of injured wild animals.

At Friends of the ARK it’s all about raising funds for the care of our animal friends and providing education to the public.
Want to learn more about our organization?
The Coastal Bend Bays Foundation  details the tireless efforts of the Friends of the Ark in this video titled
"Behind the Scenes with Friends of the ARK":
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Your support helps the Friends of The ARK provide financial resources to the Amos Rehabilitation Keep, please join us in our efforts to conserve wildlife,  rehabilitate injured and cold-stunned animals, and educate the public.
Friends of the ARK volunteers at work!
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